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Enrolment agreement Biboohra State School

This enrolment agreement sets out the responsibilities of the student, parents or carers and the school staff about the education of students enrolled at Biboohra State School.

Responsibility of the student to:

  • attend school regularly, on time, ready to learn and take part in school activities

  • act at all times with respect and show tolerance towards other students and staff

  • work hard and comply with requests or directions from the teacher and principal

  • abide by school rules, meet homework requirements and wear school’s uniform

  • respect the school environment.

Responsibility of parents to:

  • attend open evenings for parents

  • let the school know if there are any problems that may affect my child’s ability to learn

  • inform school of reason for any absence

  • treat school staff with respect and tolerance

  • support the authority and discipline of the school enabling my child to achieve maturity, self-discipline and self-control

  • abide by school’s policy regarding access to school grounds before, during and after school hours.

Responsibility of the school to:

  • develop each individual student’s talent as fully as possible

  • inform parents and carers regularly about how their children are progressing

  • inform students, parents and carers about what the teachers aim to teach the students each term

  • teach effectively and to set the highest standards in work and behaviour

  • take reasonable steps to ensure the safety, happiness and self-confidence of all students

  • be open and welcoming at all reasonable times and  offer opportunities for parents and carers to become involved in the school community

  • clearly articulate the school’s dress code policy

  • ensure that the parent is aware of the school’s record-keeping policy including the creation of a transfer note should the student enrol at another school

  • set, mark and monitor homework regularly in keeping with the school’s homework policy

  • contact parents and carers as soon as is possible if the school is concerned about the child’s school work, behaviour, attendance or punctuality

  • deal with complaints in an open, fair and transparent manner

  • consult parents on any major issues affecting students

  • treat students and parents with respect and tolerance.

Download the Department's enrolment form (PDF, 336KB).

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